Important Advantages of Comprehensive Car Insurance

As per Motor Vehicle Act, car insurance is compulsory and also you must purchase one whether you buy a new or a used vehicle.

Your vehicle being one of the most important assets, must be protected but without hurting your pocket as much, as the repairs cost a lot. car insurance singapore protects you financially in case there is a crash by covering the loss and damage to your vehicle. Even after being cautious while travelling, you can’t expect any foreseen incidents that may unexpectedly be held and can be involved in the same and pay heavy amount because of its repair. Buying a car insurance is the best way to protect yourself in such circumstances, as it includes a variety of benefits that can provide a lot better safety.

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1.Damage to insured vehicle ​
If, under any unforeseen incident, your vehicle is damaged due to an accident or fire, you are protected. Furthermore, if the automobile suffers losses due to burglary or theft, strikes or riots your insurance policies covers these. Another good thing about car insurance is the fact that it covers loss or damage so that you don’t burn your pocket and face financial liabilities​

2. Own damage cover
Another good thing about car insurance is that it provides personal accident cover. Personal Accident cover provides protection against permanent total disability, Death due to an accident. Regarding an accident, your own damage cover compensates you for the trouble to correct or replace aspects of the car damage.

3. 5000+ cashless garages all over India​
For your convenience, Reliance Car Insurance maintains a huge network of garages across the country. This ensures you obtain cashless services in every the garages available, just in case the need arises. You can avail this service easily in any such situation

4. No claim bonus (NCB)
One of the major benefits of having car insurance is the no claim bonus (NCB). Customer is eligible for this benefit for each claim-free year which can be found as a discount on the premium, making car insurance even more affordable.

The NCB accumulates over the years and can range between 20% and 50%

5. Third party liabilities
According to the Motor Vehicles Act, car owners will need to have third-party automobile insurance as a mandate. It protects you against legal liabilities caused to the third-party person or their property in an accident. Generally, you are responsible to cover the treatment expenses and if their property/vehicle gets damaged because of you or your vehicle. In either case, your insurer pays the compensation and saves you from the losses

Having a car insurance policy gives you complete peace of mind. You are assured that you will face no financial difficult