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So what do you get the men who have everything? Necktie? Pair of socks? Cologne? Think about offering him the present of fine eating – but with a twist. Yes, for only $24 a location setting (delivered), you can get Wrenchware, a mixture spoon, fork, and blade set that appears as being a group of tools. Silverware using one side… crisis roadside assistance tools on the other. The collection is even shipped in a durable 9- in. wide ABS Box that is shaped like a little blow-mold toolbox. The blade /pliers, wrench/spoon, and ratchet/fork are constructed of stainless and, as an extra reward, are completely dishwasher safe. That’s right, you may use them every day – just be certain to clean off any engine grease before you take in.

Wrenchware 3-Piece Cutlery Set

The Wrenchware 3 piece cutlery collection is ideal for anyone who loves to have supper and focus on their truck at the same time. The set consists of one spoon, one blade, and fork. The Wrenchware 3 piece cutlery collection is manufactured out of 18/10 refined “drop forged” stainless, and will come in its own specific blow-molded durable ABS plastic package. Oh, and it’s only like 27 dollars. So, if you have an instrument crisis, you could theoretically look after it while still completing your supper … if you don’t need a set of pliers – in which particular case you’re out of good fortune because the pliers are for looks only and don’t actually open up. Just what exactly Do one does with a couple of tool silverware? Visit this website to get more insight, unusual Gifts for Men.

Wrenchware 3-Piece Cutlery Set – Eat Dinner Like A Boss

Perfect for grease monkeys or petrol mind as well, the 3 Piece Wrench Style Cutlery Set includes a durable case ideal as a gift for Christmas or Birthdays! The Wrench Cutlery Set is of course a novelty and we wouldn’t recommend attempting a clutch change with the fork wrench and setting up twin carbs with the spoon wrench, but for elimination of black, oily, gritty gunge transfer onto your tikka slice (other pastries are available ) mid-job, they are perfect. The case has a recess so each piece of cutlery sits in its correct place and clips closed for extra security. The Cutlery is constructed from 18/10 Stainless steel for strength and durability (so can actually be used) and are dishwasher safe so you can get back out to the workshop quicker! This mini wrenchware cutlery set is a great gift idea for any biker. The set includes one knife, one fork and one spoon with tools attached at the handle end. This mini cutlery set is great for traveling or taking to the track with your picnic. The cutlery is a teaspoon size measuring approximately 13cm in length. This wrenchware cutlery set is a great idea for the dyed-in-the wool bike nut; a knife, fork and spoon set with useful tools attached. If over dinner you suddenly remember you need to go and modify your chain, you have all the various tools you need there in the hands. The collection includes one blade, one fork and one spoon. Created from stainless steel.